Train The Trainer

Train The Trainer

Learn and Guide. Our focused approach will provide you (or your organization) with a high level train-the-trainer solution. We recognize that as a trainer (in-house or freelance) you are the expert in your field of business. You are the knowledge expert! We will guide you and work alongside with you, in order to create a new level of teamwork awareness and creativity, by providing you with all the necessary tools, which will give you time to evaluate, initiate and develop all the required materials.   Learn and create ways to engage your training participants, your team members in adapting vision, actions, methods, guidance and team spirit. The current requirements in training field give a leading role to the Learner and not just the Trainer. Develop your learning self and become the key trainer. Learn to share your knowledge with a high impact, results oriented training program.

Our Travel and Tourism Program is designed to help you:

  • Understand the background and theory behind the content
  • Effectively communicate key messages related to course materials
  • Understand and utilize interactive/experiential delivery techniques properly
  • Feel comfortable managing subjects & topics related to your course material
  • Development and management relations and communication between team members
  • Become the “trainee” and not just the “trainer”


To whom may concern:

  • Travel consultants
  • Pros and rookies
  • Professionals related to travel and tourism


TheSeminarsLab will provide you with:

  • Certification of attendance (by theSeminarsLab)
  • Digitalized training material
  • Case studies and hands on exercises
  • Notepads
  • Tricks & Tips
  • Coffee & Snack