Sales Engagement

Sales Engagement

Make the best of your “Sales Self”. There are so many subjects and ways when it comes to Sales Engagement. We aim in providing you with a practical, efficient and ready to use selling techniques in order to accomplish better results for you and your organization. You will gain critical management skills, from communication and negotiation techniques up to interviewing tools. Sales Engagement is consisted out many elements. The important ones are the products and the services which you provide, the tools you have (presentations, leaflets, brochures, digital material etc.) but it is equally important the way we talk, how we present ourselves and how we relate to the customer’s needs and requests. In a way we all engage ourselves with sales. Whether you have a key or supportive sales role, we will make sure and provide you with the tools to set your goals and accomplish them.

Our Sales Engagement Program is designed to help you:

  • Understand the background and theory behind Sales Engagement
  • Effectively communicate key messages related to provided services or products
  • Understand and utilize interactive sales techniques
  • Pipeline scheduling and goal setting
  • Develop and manage relations both with your customer and the team related members
  • Bring out the best out of your “Sales_Self”

To whom may concern:

  • Sales personnel
  • Rookies & Pros
  • Sales related personnel
  • Sales Supportive role personnel
  • Sales Freelancers
  • Corporate team leaders/members
  • Account Managers

TheSeminarsLab will provide you with:

  • Certification of attendance (by theSeminarsLab)
  • Digitalized training material
  • Case studies and hands on exercises
  • Video shooting
  • Notepads
  • Tricks & Tips
  • Coffee & Snack