Seminars & Training Sessions

The variety of our sessions and courses will help you decide which is the most suitable for your requirements. Choose your subject and allow our team to share their knowledge and guide you, with an interactive way.

Coaching & Consulting

We work side by side with our trainees on a win/win basis. Whether you are an individual or an established corporation, we will assist and guide you by working alongside, in order to achieve your goals and vision.

Start Up’s & Synergies

In a world where everything is moving forward rapidly and new technology and its features are spread and shared without any target or market search, we will bring together ideal people and ideas, creating mutual synergies.

HR Data Base

Attend our seminars, certify yourself and upload your CV at our data base. Let the market professionals find you via an easy and designated HR data base. Follow our guidance and make your presence stand out.

We are


The Seminars Lab is consisted out of Certified Professionals, specialized in their field of interest and business, with creative ideas and fresh training approach. The aim of our team members is the correct and specialized knowledge transmit ion, through structured subjects and sessions, which constantly adapt the market needs. We love to share our knowledge and we want our attendees to take the most out of it.


Our purpose in SeminarsLab, is information and education in general and specialized subjects, adapting fresh and motivating training ways and means. Our attendees will acquire the “working knowledge”, the tips and the guidance, which is needed in order to cope with confidence in the work arena. While preserving and promoting your resume, targeted to all market professionals.


Our aim in SemimarsLab is to cover a substantial gap in “professional training”. A gap which will be covered with preparation and updates, in order to create company executive members who will essentially cover positions and needs in the business marketplace.

Addressed to

The training sessions are open to anyone who wants to participate. Whether you are new in the business field or professional in your subject, we are here to enrich your knowledge. Open courses or corporate customized sessions, will be at your disposal.

Training Methods

Classroom, On Site, Live Streaming and Recorded Sessions. Means: Live demos Case studies Real time practice and examples